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About Us

At KDI Solutions, we believe that success is a decision, and behind every good Driver is a Great Dispatch. KDI Solutions is a Family-owned Dispatching company that was established to help professional truck drivers in need of dispatching services. Our Team of Dispatchers are committed to working non-stop to get quality loads at higher rates. We sign and take care of all necessary Documents. So that all that is left for you to do is Drive. Putting our clients first and maximizing their truck profits is KDI Solutions' lifestyle. And we are committed to doing what is right for you!

  • Rate Negotiating

  • Manage Necessary Paperwork

  • Route Planning

  • Broker Credit Check



We take pride in acknowledging that we are constantly growing and expanding our lines of services for the betterment of our clients from the day of our commencement. We are known as the leading company in the USA that will handle all your freight movements and paperwork. We have experts in our team who can simplify the task of your company’s fright flow. We understand that our industry is growing. Therefore, we always have more to offer our customers. From the finest quality of KDI Solutions to transportation, we will arrange everything for you. We take pride in providing effective and efficient services for your business because we care for you, and we want you to expand your business as well. All our services are reliable, secure, and on time; we do not like to compromise with them. To cater to every request of our clients, we focus on maintaining high service.

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